Combine the natural tones and highlights of the Wave Style Stone Planking with a zig-zag-type relief and you have the Wave Mosaic Tile. These tiles are thin at one edge and vary towards the other edge, this varying relief pattern creates stunning effect to your interiors as it gives a feeling of a wave travelling. The Wave Style Stone Planking uses a wedge-shaped tile to create a unique wave effect, adding another dimension to the way in which the light catches and enhances the colour and texture variations of the natural stone. Use Wave Mosaic Tiles to create a feature wall or an entrance that defines your home, commercial or hotel foyer or retail showroom. These tiles are also ideal for water features – you won’t need much more than water spilling gently over a Wave Style Stone Planking wall to create something spectacular. These tiles can be used horizontally & vertically to provide that unique effect.



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