Wall coping / Swimming pool coping stones are the finishing touch to any wall and can range in size and style to suit the wall on which they shall be placed. Basic coping stones will be square cut with drip grooves on the underside and pencil round profile on the top edges. Drip grooves will cause any rain water to drip to the floor, instead of running along the underside of the coping stones and down the face of the wall. Pencil round edges will prevent corners chipping. ANSI India produces pool copings and can produce bespoke copings in curves or with intricate details to your designs.




Sizes (mm): 15×30, 15×60, 20×60, 30×30, 40×40, 60×30, 60×60, 60×40, 60×90

Thickness: 20 – 30mm, 25 – 35mm, 35 – 50mm 20mm, 30mm with a tolerance of ±2mm (for Both sides Sawn)


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