Granite is an igneous rock formed by liquid magma from inside the earth forcing itself between existing layers of rock and eventually cools down to a solid state. The main trace elements of magma are quartz, feldspar and mica. During this slow cooling process, elements of adjacent rocks are incorporated. Because it’s created under pressure and cools slowly, it is one of the hardest rocks found on earth. It is one of the most used stone since ages. Granite acts as a preferable choice due to its excellent properties as Heat Resistance, Scratch Free surface, Hardness, Low absorption and many such. Due to its excellent resistance to nature it is used extensively indoor and outdoor landscaping purposes.

Granite shall continue to be one of the most popular construction and building materials for new homes and even decorative pieces for all types of reasons. The fact that granite is very resistant to scratches and a durable product does make it one of the more expensive ways to build, but also makes it one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing as well. Granite stone that has been processed for external use comes in various finishes that suits specific purposes. For example granite slabs are honed, flamed, subjected to water jet, cleft, sanded, grit blasted, finish textured and many more are just the ones you would love to furnish your interiors or for that matter even exteriors with.

The normal use of knives will not scratch the surface and hot cookware can be placed directly on granite without dulling the finish. Granite will not chip unless you decide to use a sledgehammer. Granite must be sealed with a water-based sealant in order to prevent oil and water patches from staining. This should be done every six months or a year for high usage areas and every two years for other areas.
For every day wiping, use a cloth and water. A quick rubbing with a dry towel will remove the water marks and bring back a quick shine. To maintain the glossy finish, use a non-abrasive cleaner such as glass cleaner.



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